Upgrading your hard drive or Cloning your hard drive

If you plan to upgrade your drive where your images are located, or clone your driver, and you use " Keywords" to locate your images in the “Search” you will experience this message

“This image cannot be processed since the source file could not be found”

The files are there it’s the Database disassociates with the DOP files.

On page 241 of the Manual it reads

Can I transfer the database to another computer?

No, because it contains not only the location information of the images, but also information about the computer’s hard disks, such as their serial

your files are there, you have to perform a search on the Keywords then when you see the " ! " right click then select " Fix Image Path ", but you have to perform this for every Keyword

That’s a very unfortunate situation. Better add this as a proposal in order to make the post votable and more visible.

Actually, it’s not that the “Database disassociates with the DOP files” - Rather, when you run a Keyword search, the search is applied to the database (where keywords are stored) … and the problem arises when the resulting image files cannot be located, because the reference is to a drive that no longer exists (because the reference is very specific … as noted in the manual).

You can rebuild your database without losing any of your image corrections (assuming you have all your sidecar/dop files) - but that doesn’t really solve your problem, because keywords are not stored in sidecar files - and, therefore, cannot be restored from there.

John M

Unless you have the tag ‘metadata synchronization’ activated. Keywords are stored then in XMP-files too.


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