Upgrading quirks to Version 7

I have licensed Photolab 6 Elite. The upgrade to Photolab 7 Elite costs 109 euros. The additional purchase of Filmpack 7 costs 139 euros. To pay 248 Euro.
The new licensing of Photolab 7 incl. Filmpack 7 costs 229 Euro, a price advantage of 19 Euro.
Can someone explain this to me?


My upgrade from PL6 elite to PL7 elite only costs 75 euro. Maybe something was wrong with your upgrade price? (I am in Japan and that’s after currency conversion)

For reference:

You need to add the upgrade licenses from your sofware account page:

Otherwise the full price of 139€ will be added to your invoice instead of the upgrade cost of 79€.

When I go to my account, upgrade from pl6 elite to pl7 elite is 109 euros.
How do you get those more reasonnable prices ?

Are prices based on the customer’s head ?

It’s even more stupid fot me. Upgrade of photolab and filmpack - 248 Euros, new license in a package (photolab+filmpack) 229 euros. Evidently, the DXO already thinks we are fools. Of course, the upgrade is stupid decision.

My upgrade price is 109 euros (apparently varies by region). I had thought about licensing Filmpack 7 additionally. If I add up the upgrade price and the additional license for Filmpack 7, I have to pay 19 Euro more than for the package that is offered at the moment and includes both.

No need, just buy the cheaper combo.

I believe that if you have bought individual/solitary licenses for the two apps you need to upgrade them individually as well.
But if you bought a combined PL6&FP6 you could upgrade that combined license with the PL7&FP7 license.

It appears as if DxO do not allow two solitary apps PL6 + FP6 to be upgraded into one kit of PL7&FP7.

Your theory makes no practical sense to me. Any adequate customer would buy more for less money. With the new license I would keep the old one (which I can install on a colleague’s computer… and he buys me a few beers) and I would pay 19 euros less. If I decide to update at all, it is clear to me which option is more profitable for me.

It’s the bundle price vs upgrade price, the bundle is clearly cheaper. I found the same during 2021’s BF deals when upgrading both PL4 and FP5 cost more in total than just buying the PL5 and FP6 bundle, so I just purchased the bundle.


The pricing is not attractive beyond upgrading from 6 to 7 if that was all I was interested in. At some point I’d like to consider adding Viewpoint and maybe upgrading my copy of Nik. And I’ve been interested in the Film Pack for while. But I need to budget for a couple other apps that have profiles for some of my lenses that PL doesn’t cover.

I’m not sure whether there is going to be an upgrade to Viewpoint and it seems like holding off and hoping for a deal on the non-Photolab stuff later (like Black Friday timeframe) as well as PL in case it is part of a good deal is the better way to go.

Thanks for the feedback, the additional PL license is apparently a candy. This must also have nothing to do with logic :lollipop:

When you buy a new package, do the old versions stay in your account? Or to make a new account for more security? I would be happy if you share your experience.

My shop account lists all versions I’ve licensed.
I’d expect DxO to stick to this policy.

I keep the respective installers and activation keys though,
just in case that something goes wrong with DxO’s shop.


@platypus the biggest worry is less about the shop and more about the activation servers!

When the SageLight author went “walk about” he continued to pay for the server(s) for a while but then he stopped paying and the servers stopped serving and activation no longer worked.

In the case of SageLight that meant activating your unlimited licence on another or replacement machine no longer worked. The situation is even worse if that server is accessed every time the software is used or randomly accessed to validate your copy of the software from time to time!

Saving copies of every version and copies of all activation codes is essential but even that does not offer total protection!

Plus, upgrading means you lose the old version, so even if the bundle price maybe a bit more expensive, in some cases you may want to buy the bundle so you own both versions.

No it doesn’t. I have PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL5, PL6 and PL7, all working side by side.

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What you installed will likely continue to work, as DxO won’t deactivate an activated product installed on your PC afaik, but you won’t be able to use your old license to activate on a new PC once you upgraded:

Most other software’s activation codes get invalidated if the licensed product is upgraded to a new version. Currently, DxO seems to keep upgraded codes alive.

Quite a while ago, the shop account was modified to show the number of activations, but that was changed after a short time. On this occasion, some of my licensed products vanished from my shop account, together with the related codes. That is why I always keep copies of the installers and codes. No-one but DxO can tell us how licensing will evolve.

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