Upgrading From Photolab 5

I there any possible way to purchase an upgrade from Photolab 5 Essential to Photolab 5 Elite?
Or is it the case that the only possibility is to upgrade to Photolab 6 Elite?

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I don’t think DxO is giving that opportunity, but you have to ask them yourself …

At this point in the year your best bet is to wait until Photolab 7 is released in October and take advantage of the launch discount and then get PL7 Elite. As a PL5 user you should also be eligible for an additional ‘current user’ discount on top of the headline launch offer price.

Also, DxO have for many years now have given good discounts over the Black Friday period in November, sometimes even better than the launch discount. NB no one here will know if DxO are going to do something similar this year.

I believe you can upgrade from PhotoLab 5 Essentials to PhotoLab 6 Elite at an upcharge, but here’s how to tell, per DxO:

First, log in to your customer account [at dxo.com, then click the person icon in the upper right], and then please choose “My Software” in order to see all your current software along with the respective upgrade options on the right-hand side.

If they keep doing it the same as current policy, you’d be eligible to skip PL6 and upgrade at the same price to PL7 (although, as mentioned, there’s usually a promo price when the version is released, even for upgrades, and often another at Black Friday, so potentially even less for PL7 later than PL6 now), but you wouldn’t be eligible to upgrade to PL8+ from PL5. (In other words: if you skip paying for two consecutive upgrades, you have to start over as if you were a new customer if you want to upgrade later.) On the other hand, if you upgrade to PL6 now, you probably would have to pay again to upgrade to PL7 when it’s released, which is why it may be smarter now to wait maybe a month for the next release and temporarily reduced price. The new releases can be buggy and laggy at first, but they do get it worked out if your hardware is up to it. You’d be able to free-trial PL6 Elite now or PL7 Elite upon release before deciding to pay for an upgrade.

I do think Elite is worth the upcharge, especially if you shoot in Raw at high ISO for the much better noise reduction. You need a pretty good video card though for fast processing.

Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the excellent advice.

Thanks for the response and excellent advice.