Upgraded using Firefox

I purchased via MasterCard, page didn’t to to “Download.”
Please tell me the status of my purchase.

Hi, Paul. Please be aware that you’re posting to a community forum. There are no sales representatives from DxO here, and any information you post here is public and can be seen by the whole world. I strongly suggest you delete this topic/post (in order to remove your personal contact information) and open a support ticket at the web site support.dxo.com. That is the right way to get this kind of assistance. Peace be with you.

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Thanks for that Greg. I tried opening a ticket but it seems to be just for commercial users. No telephone support.

Was hoping someone from Topaz would spot this and send to proper channel. Nada.

I’m trying to upgrade while the sale is on.

Regards, Paul.

Well, it looks like I’m dead in the water. Tried submitting a ticket, but only able if a commercial account. They want product, registration numbers, etc. Leaving them black won’t allow the ticket to proceed. Can anyone get their attention for me?

Paul Hicks

I’ll leave this contact info up hoping they will respond.

Not sure what you mean about commercial users? It asks for the product order code which starts with DL and you have 2 product codes listed above with DL####### numbers which is what they are asking for.
Here is a direct link to the page.

Or try this one. It is for queries before payment (which if your payment hasn’t gone through might be the path to take) which doesn’t have DL numbers.

Hopefully one or other will flag for attention by DxO.

Don’t forget, their offices may be shut for admin staff so you may not get a swift response at the moment.

Good luck


Hey Guys, I forwarded this to Svetlana to be properly routed.

“Or try this one. It is for queries before payment (which if your payment hasn’t gone through might be the path to take) which doesn’t have DL numbers.”
That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out. DID THE PAYMENT GO THROUGH?

The DL numbers are located in this thread. I should not have to jump through hoops to find the answer to a simple question.

Somebody get back to me with the answer. The last day for the Sale is Thursday.

Good morning,

Dear @inWellington, please create a ticket on support.dxo.com as guys have already recommended you above. Exactly this team resolve such problems.

You can select Troubleshooting and License is not mandatory there:

  • You wrote that you tried to upgrade
  • So it means that you had some previous version of PL or NIK and in this case you’ve got a personal account and the info can be there:

    Please, check.

P.S. I removed personal info from your initial post.

Svetlana G.