Upgraded to PL4--how long to wait for activation code?

I paid to upgrade to PL4. Charge went through to my credit card immediately, but payment process never went to “4. Download” and I never got an email with an activation code nor does it show in my account.
How long should it take?
I did get a weird message about if Firefox doesn’t work use Chrome–I do not use Chrome ever.
Should I wait or should I contact support?

Assuming the payment went through, you should have it immediately. If you log in to your account then you should be able to see your software list and then the activation code should be there.

It is not there. That is the issue. Already checked. Payment went through right away.

All I can suggest is that you contact support. Did you receive an email? I received an email instantaneously on upgrade. It sounds like the order process did not complete, but I would check your bank account to see if you the payment went through, although it can take some time to register (well it does with my bank).

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You should contact the DxO Support.