Upgrade Won't Work

So I want to actually upgrade DXO to have the film pack and other things, I click on upgrade and it asks me to enter a code which I do not have. I click “buy” which directs me to a webpage that then says “Already a customer? Please upgrade here”

Next I follow that which takes me to the DXO shop with “my software”. It says “You own the most recent version of this software, but you have not necessarily installed the latest free update on your computer. To make sure, please download and install from the link in the block opposite to this message.” but I have installed the most up to date version already.

Clicking the upgrade button at the top just takes me back to the same page. At no point are any upgrade options actually presented to me. What exactly am I supposed to do?

I am presently here in Italy trying to work, and cannot.

Hi, @gothicform . We need more information in order to be able to guide you through the process. I think what’s happening is that DxO’s use of the word “upgrade” doesn’t mean what you expect. It seems you already have DxO PhotoLab. Is that correct? Which version number, and is it the Elite Edition or Essential Edition?

If all you’re trying to do is add the FilmPack features that are built into PhotoLab, then you need a FilmPack license. Updating PhotoLab is helpful, but isn’t going to give you full access to the FilmPack features.

Do you already have an older license for FilmPack? If so, you might be able to upgrade to the latest version at a reduced price. This is how DxO uses the word “upgrade.” If you don’t already own a license for FilmPack 5 or 6, then you will need to buy one. DxO doesn’t call this an “upgrade” but a new purchase.

It was helpful for the DxO web site to direct you to the Shop, where you log in and see the software licenses you own. If you have a FilmPack 4 or 5 license, or a FilmPack 6 Essential license, you will see an option to purchase FilmPack 6 Elite at a reduced price. (An upgrade.)

If you do have a FilmPack 5 or 6 license (I’m not sure FilmPack 4 integrates with newer versions of PhotoLab), then you can run PhotoLab and use the Help menu to add your FilmPack license key, which will activate the missing features in PhotoLab.

If you want to add the functionality of ViewPoint 3 to PhotoLab, the same process has to be followed.

I hope that helps.