Upgrade to PureRAW 2

I’ve been using all of DxO’s software for quite some time now, but I must say that what impressed me most is PureRAW. I use it as a complement to Lightroom, in particular with high ISO pictures. The workflow is a bit complicated in my view and I have hoped for an update where DxO would simplify this. As is, PureRAW doesn’t feel ready, even though the result is amazing.

Now there’s an updated version. PureRAW 2, which I can get for another 79€. I’m hesitant, not at least since I feel that DxO should have done another free update of the current version, in order to make it more complete. Moreover, I can live with the current Lightroom workflow, I don’t have a Fuji camera, I have a MacBook Pro Intel and all my lenses are compatible. So, what would I get more if I upgrade?

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Have you looked at the release notes for PureRAW 2? I think everything that’s new is listed there.

It is listed there and hence my question. If I can live with the current Lightroom workflow, I don’t have a Fuji camera and I don’t have any problems with any of my lenses our cameras, then what more could be valuable? Will I be faster on a MacBook Pro Intel? Is the result the same, or has anything changed to the better?

I agree, I’ve owned PureRAW for less than a year and they want me to shell out $79 for an upgrade! I just received Optics 2022 as an update because I’ve owned it less than a year and that has way more functionality. DXO needs to take a lesson from Boris FX. I think I’ll pass on PureRAW 2 really kind of pricey for what you get.


Use the trial version to see if the upgrade brings something you need or want
…and if it is worth the upgrade cost.

  • Finder extension: Launch DPR through a context click
  • Lightroom plug-in: Simplifies the Lightroom workflow

It’s still not Apple Silicon (M1) native. :pensive:

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OK, so I downloaded the trial version and after processing a couple of pics with both PureRAW 1 and 2 I can state that:

1.The result of version 1 and 2 appears to be the same. Fantastic result, but the same though.
2. Version 2 was slightly slower than version 1, which was surprising. Note that I’m on Macbook Intel

Conclusion: The only advantage that I can see is the Lightroom Plugin. Not worth 79€ to me.

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I feel a bit ripped off, 3 weeks after paying full whack for V1.5 V2 is released and another £69 please should I wish to use that version. Fortunately it seems of no real benefit as I don’t use Lightroom. Really should include an upgrade to the next version if released within so many weeks/months at least.

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Edit: Biomed, I just saw this: https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/4437187486993?input_string=upgrade+policy

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Thanks for that, well I purchased on the 23rd Feb so lets hope that contains a decent offer - like free. :grinning:

Just downloaded the trial of PureRaw 2 (already have 1.5). Tried it as a Lightroom Classic CC 11.2 (latest version and latest update) with a few Z9 files. The files appear to be compatible (good), but when PR2 tries to return a DNG file, it spawns a second instance of LR CC 11.2 and tries to open a catalog that is already open from the first instance. BAD!!. Have to kill the second instance, which loses the PR2 DNG file.

Running Mac OS 12.3, iMac 5K 2020, 3.6GHz Intel I-9, 10 core,128 GB RAM, 8 GB VRAM. I’ve searched for the processed DNG file, but it appears nowhere on my machine. Don’t know if this is a straight-on bug, or an issue with the Z9 files (since the current PL5 doesn’t support Z9 files yet).

Definitely needs fixing pronto.

I use LRPureRAW from Github which simplifies the workflow from within Lightroom a lot (I am a Windows user). I just select the photos which I want to process, then Export → PureRAW, then PureRAW opens, I click process and after it finishes, I just synchronize the folder in LR again. I have set the plugin to create a DxO subfolder where it stores the processed photos. This workflow is easy enough which is why I’m hesitant to the 79$ upgrade price as well, as I’ve only owned PureRAW v1 for 4-5 months now.

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Hello everybody,
I have just received an email inviting me to buy the DxO PrueRaw2 update for 129€.
I was about to place an order when the idea came to me to check this site to see if any comments had been sent in regarding this update.
Thank goodness I took the trouble to check because I could see that this new version will not bring me anything.
So thanks to all of you who took the trouble to inform us.

I was very surprised to see the “there’s an update” followed with “pay here”. Worse, when I followed the “update” button’s link, I get sent to the page quoting full list price! What the heck?!?

Why, as a PureRAW 1.5 owner, am I supposed to pay $80 the upgrade to PureRAW 2.0? If I can find the page to begin with. Grrr…


Pure Raw 2 definitely has some birthing pains. Tried with a camera and lens already fully supported by DXO PL5. It was a Nikon Z7II + Z 70-200 f 2.8 S lens. macOS Monterey 15.3. Running from inside Lightroom Classic CC 11.2 (latest version). Select Z7II image. Select File|Plugin Extras|Process With DXO PR 2. So far, so good. File processes as DNG. Once it finishes processing in PR 2, it tries to return the file to LR Classic CC 11.2. Process spawns a second instance of LR Classic CC 11.2, which fails because the catalog is still open. Quit second instance of LR. Attempts to spawn 3rd instance of LR . Quit that too. Finally, after quitting two additional instances of LR, it returns to the initial (calling) instance of LR and returns the DNG file. Not entirely clear whether the file has changed or not. This isn’t what happens with Z9 files, as they don’t appear at all in LR after exiting the second instance of LR.

DXO, you have a problem that needs quickly fixing. I have no idea what it is, but I have nothing on my machine that makes it unique.

Looks like pureraw2 is working with sony a7riiiA , I just download the trial and try it on a few shots,working perfect,a bit faster than pureraw .

Tested against macOS Big Sur (Intel iMac) and Monterey (M1 MacBook Air) and got no such issue. Current versions of alll involved SW.

Canon files? Mine are Z7II and Z9. Maybe Nikon-related?

…not my first guess…but you might want to check if Lightroom Plug-Ins have been installed properly in your user account’s Library folder:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-18 um

Absolutely correctly installed. I’m a systems programmer, and I test a lot of software. I always look at the package manifest and install scripts to see what is being installed, and where and then check that against the installed pieces.