Upgrade to FP5 no longer available?


In the not so distant past owners of the previous version were able to upgrade either for free or at a discount. I have FP4 Expert edition, but for whatever reason when I go to the upgrade page there is no option to upgrade. Also if I go to the FP5 page and click “Already a customer? Please upgrade here” option, nothing happens.
Am I missing something or no upgrade discounts are offered any longer?

In my account, I see that FP 2 can be upgraded to FP 5, but that FP 3 is the current paid version too, the same as FP 5… Strange.

Something is rotten in the shop of DxO (not quite Shakespeare, but close enough…)

I’ve contacted support to ask about the situation and will report back as soon as I get an answer.


Indeed. There is at least one more thread in this forum where users are sharing problems with the store. It’s quite broken.

Thank you for the feedback!
At least I’m not the only one.
I was beginning to think DxO have stopped offering upgrades altogether…

DxO Support has looked into things and now, they are as expected. :+1::+1::+1:

If you contact support, add a screenshot of the software and the adjacent box to help.