Upgrade sale price

Dxo has the PL 5 upgrade on sale for $79, discounted from $99. Does anyone know when this sale ends?

The reduced rates for the introductory offer will be valid until November 14

However there is likely to be a similar or better discount available for Black Friday.


Usually for Black Friday DXO makes 50% on all its software.
I made my update for 69 € not sure that it will be more interesting for the black friday.

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When is Black Friday this year?

Friday November 26

Thank you. That is almost 2 weeks after the sale ends, so perhaps I will upgrade during the sale.

I assume that if I upgrade during the sale, then the Black Friday prices will be very low, but if I wait they will be high. :grinning:


I’ve always found it strange that there are major sales worldwide based on the timing of Thanksgiving Day which is only celebrated in the United States, and which also signals the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season here. Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is the last Thursday in November.


I recently had PL5 and FP6 Elite upgrade in my cart ready to buy.
The promo code PHOTOLABFILMPACK was applied and the total was $112 US. I navigated away from the webpage and when I came back to the cart, the total with code changed to $124.

I think there has been quite a bit of cross-fertilization between the US and Great Britain in the last 20 or 30 years. I used to fly there frequently before I retired and almost everyone I met there talked about celebrating Thanksgiving. And when I was a young child I knew nothing of Boxing Day and would have assumed it had something to do with the prize ring, but now I think most people in the US know what it is.

When I was there in the summer people would congratulate me on the 4th of July, which I always thought was a bit odd since it was a British loss and I would congratulate them on Guy Fawkes Day. Sometimes it seemed as though we were 2 different sides of the same coin.

The same here in Germany! (€)
Think it is about the offer “DxO Duo Bundle PL+ FP”.
First there was an upgrade price for both. It has disappeared and you have to buy both separately.

My discount went from about $27 to $15, right before my eyes, as if by magic.

Same in France.

But there is something not fair 124 US (= 106 €) for both upgrade and in Europe 124 €. A other argument that make me waiting for a better offer. Punished with 18€ because I’m born in the wrong country…

I don’t think that has anything to do with the price of the software itself. I assume that is the VAT, which is one tax we do not (yet) have here in the US.

You don’t have any VAT for software ?

The simple answer is that there is no VAT here in the US. The full answer is more complex.

Sales taxes in the US are made up of a series of individual taxes from multiple governmental entities, mostly the States. Most, but not all, States have a sales tax and that tax varies in amount by State with some States having a higher tax than others. Until recently items bought on the internet were not subject to sales tax, but many States now have agreements with the sellers and internet items are taxed.

I live in Arizona and the Arizona State sales tax is 5.6% but many cities and some counties add their own sales tax to that. Where I live I end up paying a bit more than 8% on those items that are taxed. So when I see PL5 being advertised for $80 I understand that I have to add the sales tax for where I live to that figure.

…between the US and … much of the ‘western world’ and I suspect beyond. Which is no bad thing in itself, but it is a bad thing that the reverse does not happen nearly enough.

I see people make exchange rate comparisons all the time, often on hardware, but what I am about to say applies to anything. Exchange rates fluctuate a lot and then there are taxes, sometimes several levels deep, sometimes on both sides, sometimes one side or the other does not display the taxes until checkout, sometimes it’s in the price on the front page, and sometimes there are other costs of doing business. In the end, you make the value judgement on the price you are asked to pay.

You are correct about the bundled offer.
It reappeared and I purchased with the promo code.