Upgrade Problem

The latest NIK upgrade did not work. I get a message stating that states “The procedure entry point…could not be located in the dynamic link library…”
This message only appears with Analog Efex, Color Efex , Silver Efex and Viveza.
Dfine 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, Perspective Efex and Sharpener Pro 3 work properly.
I rebooted between reload attempts. I shut down my W10 anti malware during installation.
I successfully used NIK cleanup tool on a previous problem with NIK. My system does not allow NIK cleanup to be used this time. I do have admin rights. No problems show in Device Manager.
The same thing happened when NIK was opened in Affinity Photo
I did skip an optical upgrade. Could skipping an upgrade caused this problem?
Could I use a copy of NIK 6.1 to get going again? Unfortunately I did not keep older copies.
I am dead in the water without NIK.

did you download from the software or your account at dxo? login to your account and download it again, might fix it, 6.2.0 work fine on mac.

Hi Mike

I did both.


Just set up the Google version of NIK. It works somewhat with PL6.

Back in business!!!

Used the NIK cleaning tool

It Worked!! No more installing unneeded upgrades.

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