Upgrade price

Yes, that could be reasonable. And I was glad to support DxO to help for difficult times, but not for an amount I consider as unjustifiable.


This is true, isn’t it? PL 1.2 worked fine for me and my camera last month and will continue to do so in the coming months. I use what I paid for as long and as much as I want to. This is how paid licenses work.

If you don’t think the upgrade is worth it, then don’t upgrade.

All of us need to keep in mind, 70€ is 1/10 to 1/20 from a “standard” lens :relaxed:

Except that I was also waiting for the support my second camera, already promised to be “soon”… It came, but at a price…

Regarding this price, it’s not high in absolute terms, yes, but having to pay twice in a short time is not fair.


Very similar to my experience, but I’m not prepared to pay again after coughing up such a short time ago. And I too was a returner after years using LR. My original licence had zero upgrade value.

I also bought the Nik collection - only to discover it is virtually useless with Affinity.

DxO and bad value for money is not a good combination. The lack of a game-changing addition to the Elite upgrade is a genuine source of disappointment.

Incremental upgrade and bug fixes for all that money?

Think on DxO - we expect and pay for more.

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Sorry, I don’t get it at all. You paid for the full Elite Pack. It has zero maintenance cost because you can continue to use it.

Now there is an update of PhotoLab that you don’t like and your reaction is to throw your money at another company instead of mastering what you already have?

That doesn’t make any sense.

I think what Pavelzet mean is that for the price of DxO there is little improvement compare to other software. IMHO Photolab is like nikon software Capture NX-D but on steroid, you have all basic adjustments and control points with lens and camera support(*which may or not be supported), fast that you don’t have time to finish your coffee for the adjustments to be applied.
What its lacking is all the other stuff like working with *layers *stacking *HDR *panorama *focus stacking that other software are capable of.
Yes there is filmpack and viewpoint but at an added cost, I was even expecting the ability of using the Nik by DxO from Photolab which would had been a great feature, that also won’t work with Affinity Photo but do work with Luminar(*that I know).

Functionality like stacking, HDR, panorama, focus stacking and so on is usually reserved for pixel editors. For example, CaptureOne does not have any of that, neither does AlienSkin’s Exposure software or ACDSee’s Photo Studio. Lightroom has the HDR and pano functionality, but they are an outlier in this area.

That is why I consider a pixel editor to be an essential add-on for workflow tools.

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one thing nowhere mentionned is that DxO store seems to be wrong with 30% discount clearly shown on all DxO site pages : if you calculate these 30% discount for all full software prices and upgrades too, you’ll find 140 $ (or €) for Elite version and 63 $ (or €) for the elite version upgrade. Same for Essential version of course. What is not indicated on Shop page !
It seems not possible to join somebody from DxO shop concerning this curious price list calculation, just to get some explanation.

These prices are, in my honest opinion, at high level in comparison with what we really get when you look at PL1 to PL2 upgrade, even if PL2 give some better features ? A big bug (MacOS 10.14.1) seen with Sourcebrowser and Full screen view, where photos can’t be shown without artifacts is a real issue : images seem to stay in poor “preview” mode and can’t switch to full resolution mode…doesn’t convience me to make this upgrade now ?

I do not know what 30% you are talking about, but a quick look at the Dxo store shows that the current price of Dxo Elite is $149.99 and the Essential version is $99.99. The current upgrade price is $69.99 for the Elite and $49.99 for the Essentials version.

Thus the current Elite upgrade price is a 53% discount over the advertised price for the Elite version and the current Essentials upgrade price is a 50% discount over the advertised price for the Essentials version.

I do not know what 30% you are referring to so perhaps these figures do not address your question.

You have still to think of what you get more for the 69$!
I bought a complete On1 2019 for the same price than the update would be in a promotion, it handles HDR, Pano, Focus stack, Layers, browsing/comparing pictures and my Z7 files…
If PL 2 would have added those functionality I would have updated but now I do not see the value I get for the update price.

DXO is actually advertising up to 30% on their website for new users, not upgrades. See the bottom right hand corner of the page:


Calculating discounts depending on how and where you apply the discount. The Essential version of PL2 is on sale for $100 USD and regularly sells for $129 USD. If you calculate 130% of the sale figure it comes to $130, or 30% more than the discounted version. The Elite version discounted price is $150 USD with a regular price of $200. in this case 130% of the sale price is $195, just shy of the $200 cost and is again approximately 30% (actually around 33%) more. You can also argue that $150 is only 75% of the full price of $200 which would be only a 25% discount. I guess they thought 30% looked better and calculated it that way.

Well, now I see what figures you are using, but math (arithmetic actually) does not work the way it looks like you are using it. Consider the following example.

An item normally sells for $100 and is being offered at a 10% discount. 10% of 100 is 10 so the discount is $10 and the item sells for $90. But 110% of 90 is 99, not 100, so you can not use the same percent on both the original and the reduced values and expect to get the same results. Arithmetic does not work that way.

You posted: Calculating discounts depending on how and where you apply the discount., but that is incorrect. There is only one way to calculate a discount and that is on the original price.

Having said that, the actual discounts shown on the sale are the following:

For new users:

Essential - regular price = $129.00, sale price = $99.99, discount = $29.01 which is a discount of about 22.5%

Elite - regular price = $199, sale price = $149.99, discount = $49.01 which is a discount of about 24.6%

Photo Suite - regular price = $287, sale price = $189, discount = $98 which is a discount of about 34.1%

The advert specified “up to 30%” and the Photo Suite offer exceeds that so there is no false advertising. Of course they might expect you to think that all of the discounts are 30% but clearly they are not.


You’re right. I should have indicated the formula they’re using for their calculation seems to be a markup percentage not a discount percentage. The obviously chose to use it because it makes the percentage look larger. When you click on the link I don’t believe it shows you the suite price, just a price for Essentials and Elite. Perhaps I missed it. Since they said up to 30%, if they showed the full suite price and the lower price then that may have been what they were referring to. But I did not see references to the suites when I clicked that box. I will look again.


If you calculate both the discount percent and the increase percent from the discounted price (what I think you are calling the markup percent) the increase percent will always be larger and that is because you are doing the calculation using the same difference amount, but a lower base figure for the increase. That is, using my $100 base price and $10 discount example from my previous post, you get a 10% discount but an 11.1% (approximately) increase.

As for the location of the Photo Studio discount, I found that in the webpage linked to by the Store link on the main Dxo web page.

Ok, it’s possible to be right with prices calculations depending from what point of view you do these calculations… But the main problem for me is that these upgrades prices (yes, not really shown with 30% discount) didn’t serve the usual DxO customers. And approx. 70 € for the PL1 to PL2 upgrade isn’t not worth it. PL2 is the beginning of a new step to compete with LR CC Classic or even C1 from Phase One, but there’s a long way to go. DxO is changing their software and so upgrades in a “fast every year mode” with a confortable upgrade price… Is this realistic today ? I’m not sure at all.

> And approx. 70 € for the PL1 to PL2 upgrade isn’t not worth it.

Personally I did not think that the latest upgrade offer was worth the cost either. There was very little additional functionality and nothing that I needed, so I just let it pass by. As to where PL is going in the future, I do not know, but I have always considered it a good alternative to both Lightroom and CaptureOne, even with the functionality it has now. The only piece missing that I need is the ability to “round trip” images to external editors like Photoshop and be able to continue editing them when they are returned.

I have no idea what new functionality PhotoLab will add in the future, or in what direction they are headed, but there are some things I would like to see: better integration of the Nik functionality into the product itself, a better color editor and, of course, a functional round-trip ability. Beyond that I suspect that many of the changes Dxo will make involve creating a DAM and I personally do not need that.

Isn’t that a little like arguing that once you’ve paid for a new car, you should continue to send monthly payments to the manufacturer whether there have been upgrades or not? Sorry, if that were the case why not just go back to Adobe and pay them monthly payments? I switched to DXO to get away from “rental fees”…now you are suggesting I should continue to make “rental payments” after I’ve bought and paid for? I don’t think so.

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I completely agree with your comment… I was surprised that DxO didn’t anything trying to integrate Nik software plugins in their PL2 solution ? On one side they try to compete with LR and on the other side they encourage the use of Adobe’s solution.

I guess without any risk to make a mistake that DxO is in a diificult financial phase, even if it’s better now, fortunately, than some months ago…?

Who are you responding to? I do not think it can be me because I did not suggest upgrading.