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Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the upgrade price is from photolab 2 essentials to 3 elite with the current sale. I’m trying to figure out if it’s better to buy the nik collection and upgrade to 3 elite or just get 3 elite straight. Thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forum.
You can only be sure if you see the price on your user account, but at the introductory sale I bought the Nik and upgraded to 3.0 and then Elite and it did cost 100+50+50 EUR. I assume it stayed that.
If you want the Nik Collection, then it is a good offer.
If you want only Photolab Elite, you can get it for 150 EUR.
Many members here use the Filmpack Elite and Viewpoint. You can also consider this option, but this pack does cost 287 EUR.
Others have suggested to only go for Filmpack Elite, as Essential doesn’t bring many improvements to Photolab.
Filmpack also brings advanced contrast and color controls, not only film emulations.

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Hello treben,
(pitty Blackfriday is over and you need to wait a year for it.)

NIK becomes with Photolab v2 essential. (you get PLv2 essential for free in order to use it for creating tiff’s and jpeg’s out of rawfiles.)
Mind that Essentials is not at full strenght. Me personal did tried out the free DxO optic pro v10 you got for your email addres and it was good in optical correction and learning the UI of DxO but when you used to some level of brightness correction and color correction and noise reduction it wasn’t a step forward from my older application (a “pro” marked one). You want more so to speak.
So definitely go for Elite.

You mean don’t get NIK at all?

If you gona use DPLv3 as your main application and not as a form of pre production tool the Viewpoint and Filmpack bring a lot more then just some film emulation and auto perspective.
First it’s RAW capable as a fully embedded plugin in PL and you get a much better tone control when Filmpack (elite) is active. The perspective tool Viewpoint, wel i was used to do that by hand and the quick repair i can do in Viewpoint safes a lot of time.
The Suite elite is the one you would like to have then.

Lot of things in NIK can also be done in PL (and if you look for it DxO-NIKv1 is still available for those moments you like to use it.) but if you used to NIK and use it a lot maybe the buy NIK and upgrade to v3 elite is the option wile VP and FP are for a next time when there is a sale. Those can be pluged in any time in DxOPL so no worry’s.

I maybe not helpfull with my text above but i can’t see which way you want to use the Photolab application.

  • As a preproduction “load raw , presets by ISO value, export” and run in other app for finalisation well go for a Elite to use PRIME, optical correction and sharpening and nothing else.
  • If you want NIKcollections v2 and think of PL as preproduction: go for the upgrade to elite v3 after buying NIKv2. (Prime and such)
  • want to have PLv3 and think that by route of buy NIKv2 and upgrade to elite is the cheapest option? well i would go for DxOPLv3 suite elite and be done with it. (NIK, in my case v1 is a powerfull program but it works slightly different in UI if you get used to controlpoints of DxOPL which drive me nuts if i like to do a quick adjustment after DxOPL.)

hope i helped to make up your mind.

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