Upgrade issues

I just bought the upgrade from Nik 2018 to Nik v2. Downloaded it and installed it…But Color Efex don’t work like it should. Only thing showing is the new presets…everything else is not present. Is it just me? Im thinking about going back to Nik 2018 and demand a refund. Asked support, but only answer they got me, was recommending me trying a trial version to see if I like it…Im speechless.

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You say everything else is not there. What are you missing?


I’d say this is a support issue (as this is obviously not desired behaviour), except that you already contacted support. DxO seems to have some issues with their email support team – I’ve had mocking replies from the support team as well. Telling people there are no refunds when they advertise 30 day money back guarantee is a very shortsighted policy.

As is the insanity of not allowing users who have no use for Nik plugins from disabling its buttons and contextual menu with PhotoLab. DxO we bought your software as we were sick of Adobe’s anti-customer policies.

I forgot to take all details with me; nothing showed under “filter library”…it just showed what you can see under “Recipes”. It works now after installing for the third time. No idea why. Oh well :slight_smile:

Seriously? If so I am really worried for the future of DxO, and cannot justify any further investment. There is zero excuse for such behaviour.

There’s really a problem with email support and these blithe answers that if you’ve ever activated the software their guarantee no longer applies. PhotoLab is brilliant software, the best RAW developer ever created with perfect workflow (albeit too slow with large files and with weak colour manipulation tools). But there’s something wrong somewhere in the support and business end.

I will continue to support the tools as like @mwsilvers, PhotoLab is an important part of my creative process and allows me to create better work.

I wish to testify for the excellent quality of DxO support team … in the past.
And, in the same breath, the perfect commercial elegance which has long been distinguished.

Wish it’s just a delicate phase.

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I agree with Pascal.

Not to sound redundant but DXO support was always very helpful - and I go back to Version 3 or Version 4

I, too, have had excellent experience with the support from DxO. The folks there have always been prompt in replying and extremely helpful in solving problems.