Upgrade from PL3 to PL5 huge mistake

I’ve been using PL for since first edition and was happy with how it handled optical edits. Thats all I used it for.
I just “upgraded” to 5 and now the workflow I’ve used for years no longer works and I refuse to settle for a so called “work around”.
I am a architectural photographer and provide my photos for publications. I shoot 7 bracketed shots with my Canon 5DMKIII import to Lightroom Classic, Select the best group of 7, set the WB and Lens correction Sync the 7 shots and export as .tif to Photomatix Pro, 3 fuse the shots and return the fused image as a tif to Lightroom. Then using plug in extras transfer the tif image to PL3, make the adjustments and send back to Lightroom and finish with edit in Photoshop.
Has worked great for me for years…until now. PL5 will not accept a tif file. I only upgraded to 5 because of the added editing tools in 5. All I want is to keep the same workflow I am comfortable with. The old saying “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” . I would like to know how to make it work and if not how to get my $$$ refunded.


PL5 does not stop the tiff support so your issue should be personally investigated.

Please, create a ticket via support.dxo.com and you’ll be guided there what files, data to provide.

Thank you
Svetlana G.