Upgrade from PL 5 Essential to PL Elite

I want to buy NIK Collection with PL 5 Essential. But I need DeepProme. Can I upgrade t PL Elite after I buy PL 5 Essential? It is expensive? Dont need PL 6 Elite.

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Log into your DxO shop account to see what you can do and what it will cost.

I checked my account. It appears you can upgrade to PL 6 Elite from PL 5 Essential for $139 USD.


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There is a option for ugrade to PL 5 Elite?

But i wnt to know before i buy. If I buy PL5 Essential and then I cant upgrade to Elite, so what next? I dont want PL Essential.
if someone know what cost of upgrade is i will be happy.

I think the question is obsolet, and like Mark wrote…you can upgrade from V5 essential to V6 elite (or v6 essential), but no chance to V5 elite.
I have not heard before it is possible to upgrade to an non actual version.

PL5 Elite is no longer available for purchase, upgrade or not. If you want the Elite version you will have to buy PL 6 Elite. Actually you could buy PL 6 Elite and skip the Nik Collection(and PL 5 Essential) altogether. This would be the cheaper option.

I think you may have meant PL,6 Elite and FilmPack 6 Elite instead of purchasing the Nik collection. In any case, that might depend on how be plans to use the Nik Collection. Perhaps he wants to use it with Photoshop…


Yes, I was just attempting to find the cheapest option but FP 6E is probably necessary in order to eliminate Nik 5.

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