Upgrade fees

I noticed the upgrade fee from PL4 to PL7 is 229 euro, which seems to be the PL7 full price.
Am I getting something wrong?
I wouldn’t expect a free upgrade, but neither the full price tbh.
If that’s the case, is there any way to upgrade from version 4 to 5 or 6?

Unfortunately the folks at DxO have employees who have bills to pay.

I believe they do offer an upgrade from the current version minus two and I would already consider that generous.

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Silly me.
I guess in a world where one has to pay a monthly activation fee for seat heating after dropping 100k on a car, offering a DxO upgrade for two versions is indeed exceedingly generous.

In addition to @Joanna’s reply. Before you splash cash on PL7 now, be aware that PL8 will be out sometime in Sept / Oct. and if you want PL8, you’ll have to shell out the PL7 to PL8 upgrade price, i.e. you won’t get a discount on that upgrade price even though you bought PL7 only a couple of months earlier.

Thank you for the tip!
As it’s a significant amount (for someone who doesn’t earn a living from photography), I might as well wait for the next reincarnation…

One thing I don’t understand about DxO upgrade policy (and that nobody can complain) is that they upgrade old major versions when a new one is out (ok, sometime puting new bad bugs in them).
No software I use do this.
They should better stop to do this than try to make us buy part of softwares we do not want. (Of course last update of a major version should be major bug free).
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