Updating of thumbnails

I find I occasionally need to do specific image corrections outside of PhotoLab which can not be done inside PhotoLab. For example I may need to remove a distraction from the image or, perhaps, replace a sky, and I generally use the Export To Application functionality to send the image to a pixel editor where I make the needed adjustments. However when I return the image back to PhotoLab (by “save”-ing it) the correction usually does not show up in either the thumbnail or the main image so I can not do further processing in a meaningful way.

There is no functionality in the Mac version to force a re-read of the image so that it will show up in PL and I wanted to know if either this functionality (force a re-read) or, even better, automatic updating of the image, could be added to PhotoLab.


This is exactly what we are trying to fix on PhotoLab Win now.

Svetlana G.

May I ask you to elaborate on this for us, please Svetlana …

  • Does your response imply that the Mac version is already doing something different to the Win version ?
  • What will be the new response to an updated image that is saved back to the image folder ?

Regards, John M

Hello John,

Hm… I have no idea here as we are working on that in the scope of the issue reported here when “Export to NIK and back”

Well, we plan the behavior will be the same with the current one with the only one difference - you won’t have to switch from the image and back to see the updated thumbnail and preview.

Svetlana G.


I know, that it is hard to observe file changes from the OS in a reliable way. So at least a manual refresh through a command should always work. Please advise your developers to assign the F5 shortkey for it on windows. This is the default shortkey in most programs for this command, including browsers, visual studio and many others.

See here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12445/windows-keyboard-shortcuts

I encounter this problem that I manage with the F5 key on Windows OS.

  • switch to Organize tab
  • Press F5> all thumbnails are updated

I work on the Mac and no matter what I do I can not get the thumbnail and the original image to update. Sometimes I have to send an image to an external editor like Photoshop to correct some specific problem that can not be fixed in PhotoLab and, after its return, I can not see the updated image, at least on the Mac. There is no “refresh” on the Mac.

Even changing folders and then changing back does not help as the database has the information about the images and just does not refresh. I end up having to change folders, then change the name of the folder and then change back, and that is a lot of work for something that ought to be corrected automatically. It is the single biggest issue I have with PhotoLab and has been this way since I bought Optics Pro (version 6 or 7). Alternately I can open Finder and change the name of the image but, again, that is a lot of work for something that ought to correct automatically. If it is being addressed on the Windows version please fix it on the Mac version as well.

If you use projects, you can add the externally edited image back to the project. Nevertheless, a dedicated refresh function would be most welcome.


A refresh function for thumbnails would be a very easy fix. Great idea. Out of votes though.