Updates to Viewpoint and Filmpack in Elite Version

Hi everyone
I have DXO Elite7, Filmpak7, and Viewpoint 4. Having taken a number of photos of buildings I was using Viewpoint and noted I did not have the latest update until I opened the seperate shortcut when I got notified there was an update. Checking Filmpack immediatly I noticed this needed to be updated as well.

My question is therefore; if I own the Elite version how come I am not notiofied that the other two packages had updates that I could download? My understanding is that the Elite version should automatically be telling you if there was an update with the other add ins and you should not be expected to always open the seperate shortcuts.

Any guidance on this?

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I think that’s a good question for @DxO_Support-Team

I’m happy to be corrected on this but…

It is my understanding that if you have licences for PL and FP and / or VP then whenever FP gets an update so does FP and VP, since they are actually part of PL, i.e. your license simply unlocks those built-in features. Thus as long as you keep PL up to date you will also always have the latest FP and VP features available within PL.

Similarly, the stand-alone versions of FP and VP are also updated every time PL is updated but unless you explicitly open either of those stand-alone applications you will not be notified of these updates.

In other words, unless you actually need to use FP / VP outside of PL then you do not need to worry about updating FP and VP.


On 16 January 2024, we have added support of new cameras and lenses for DxO PhotoLab 7, DxO PhotoLab 6, DxO FilmPack 7, DxO FilmPack 6, DxO PureRAW 3, DxO ViewPoint 4 and Nik 6 Perspective Efex.

there was a post stating there was an update for all dxo software. read the forum or open your software weekly and get notification.

Photolab 7 Elite, Viewpoint 4 and FilmPack 7 are three separate stand-alone applications . When there is a new update to PhotoLab Elite there will be a notification when you start it. The same is true for updates to the standalone version of Viewpoint and FilmPack. It has always been that way.

If you are referring to updates to the VIewpoint and FilmPack features and tools available from within PhotoLab, any updates to them are already built in PhotoLab when new versions of it are available. Viewpoint and FilmPack are not traditional add-ins to PhotoLab 7 Elite. Their features are already coded into PhotoLab. All a license for Viewpoint or FilmPack does is unhide those features in PhotoLab so you can use them .


Are you sure?
Previously, upon each PL update, I installed PL, VP, FP, in that order, if I remember correctly. Neither VP or FP update complained it’s already there. I’ll check next time, silly me.

Updates to the standalone versions of Viewpoint and FilmPack are completely separate from the updates to Viewpoint and FilmPack features available from within PhotoLab. As I indicated, any updates to the Viewpoint and FilmPack features in PhotoLab are already included with PhotoLab updates.

The standalone versions of Viewpoint and Filmpack don’t even have to be installed on your computer for this to happen. Many of us here who don’t use the standalone versions have uninstalled them. In fact, you don’t need to install the standalone versions of Filmpack and Viewpoint at all if you have no plans to use them. All you need is their licenses to unhide the VP and FP features available in PhotoLab.

The one downside to this is if you are using an older version of PhotoLab you may be missing newer VP and FP features from the most current versions . This will happen if these features had not been included in an update to your older version of PhotoLab. The only guaranty that you will have access to the latest VP and FP features from within PhotoLab is to have the most recent version of PhotoLab unless DxO provides these updates to earlier versions.



Most of it has been answered yet, so I just add a little something: It doesn’t matter if you use Essential or Elite editions, they handle update notifications in the same way.

Thank you. I didn’t find this information in the installation guides, so I made it “slowly but surely”. I hate to stress the software. It bites :wink:

I recommend to bookmark the download URLs for the software you use.

Each time an app is updated, I re-download the installer (which is the new version) and keep the old version installer for fallback. Takes some space on the drive (drives, if you back up your computer)…but can help to get up and running, should an update fail.

Caveat: DxO changes the download URLs from time to time. The bookmarks can therefore get you a 404 and you’ll have to find the new download URL. Usually, the shop account is a good place to look, or your email, should you have downloaded the software for a trial.

+Rename the installer file to include full version info.
+Install on the second computer only after a week or so.

Thanks all. What is interesting is that the volume deformation tool was not visible in the Elite version until I updated the standalone version of VP, yet I updated PL to the latest version when I was notified there was an update. This is the reason I went to update VP seperatly. Based on the feedback I am hoping this was just a glitch but will keep my eyes open in future.

Your feedback has been much appreciated.
Thank you

maybe you ‘missed’ some informations

If you were missing Volume deformation then you did not have Viewpoint activated in PhotoLab 7.

You might have been confused because the Perspective tool was only visible in previous versions of PhotoLab Elite if you had a license for Viewpoint. In PhotoLab 7 Elite the Perspective tool is now available to everyone regardless of whether or not they have a Viewpoint license.

Since Volume deformation wasn’t visible it could only mean that you hadn’t activated Viewpoint 4 from within PhotoLab which could have been done via an option in the Help menu. (Once activated the option disappears) You could done that without updating the standalone version.


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I have licenses for PL7, FP7, and VP4 (black Friday offer).
Just installed PL7.4 on Win11, on top of previously installed PL7.3, FP7.3, VP4.13.
It seems PL7.4 updates FP and VP plugins for PL, but does NOT update FP and VP GUIs.
Unfortunately PL7 doesn’t show FP and VP plugin versions. No problem, just weird.

Yes it is normal, PL only updates the integrated versions.
Standalone version are independent softs.

It is not weird, it is to be expected.

Updates to the FilmPack and Viewpoint features from within PhotoLab are a completely separate event from updates to the standalone versions of those two programs.

As I pointed out to you earlier, the FilmPack and Viewpoint features you see from within in PhotoLab are built into the software and hidden from view unless you have a license for them. Any updates to them requires an update to PhotoLab.

The standalone versions of FilmPack and Viewpoint are completely separate software titles and each has to be updated separately. As I believe I mentioned to you earlier many of us don’t even have the standalone versions of FilmPack and Viewpoint installed. They have no direct relationship to the FP and VP features in PhotoLab.


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Are you talking about minor versions ?
Or is there a change and this is true for major versions and is luminosity mask part of photolab now if you get a filmpack licence ?

check there for what’s new in which software:

Any version. Updating PhotoLab does not automatically update the standalone versions of Viewpoint and FilmPack . They have to be updated separately. Updates to the Viewpoint and Filmpack features available from within PhotoLab require an updated version of PhotoLab because those features are hardcoded into PhotoLab. Many of us, myself included, never even download or install the standalone versions of Viewpoint and Filmpack. We just use the licenses to unhide the VP and FP features available from within PhotoLab.

If you were using an older version of PhotoLab like PL4 or earlier you would not have access to the latest VP and FP features from within it. I say PL4 because there have been updates to PL5, PL6, and PL 7 since the latest versions of VP and FP were released.


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