Updates - Microsoft Edge WebView2

When ever I update or reinstall PL 5, Microsoft Edge WebView2 reinstalls it self, I don’t use Edge or want it or the memory Microsoft Edge WebView2 uses.
Any one else noticed this?

FWIW: No, I’ve not experienced that, Tom.

John M

Oh, I am. Bit of a pain really.

It is for the DxO Hub display and also annoys me. I loath applications with built in web browsers. If I want to view web pages I should get to choose the browser and settings used (and it sure as hell isn’t Microsoft edge).

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Agree totally, considering I’ve already uninstalled Microsoft Edge and the only way to remove Microsoft Edge WebView2 is to use Ccleaner every time!

Long time ago I determined Firefox as standard browser – so no problem with MS Edge & Cie.

Microsoft Edge still on your pc unless you uninstall it.

yes, still on my PC , but I ‘ignore’ it :slight_smile:

Lol :grinning: :grinning: I just uninstalled it, wanted nothing to do with it.