Updated to latest software

Hi, new here so I hope I am posting this in the right place.

I have been using Nik Collection since the free version. This morning it was greyed out in PS so I updated all Mac updates and it allowed me to click on it although was asking me to update to the latest version of DXO. So I followed the steps and when I run Anolog it looks totally different. I don’t see detail extractor as an option anymore and that I use on every image for detail in fur (pet photographer)…

So what am I missing? This looks like crap. Where are all the things they used to be there? And can I go back to old version now. TIA

Welcome to the DxO user forum, Tyria.

If you still have the installer for the “old version” then, yes, you can revert.
I recommend you first uninstall the version you have running now, tho.

Detail Extractor his here, see screenshot, this is with the latest update of NIK.

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