Update to El Capitan to High Sierra

Just joined the DxO forum having used Nik collection for 2 years from a Google download. However, I think I have a derivation of the MAC crashing problem. This week Apple notified me of a new download OS which turned out to be High Sierra. What a mistake! Having worked normally since 2016 on El Capitan and using Photoshop Elements 12, I soon spotted that after using the Nik collection plug in, found in the"Filters" drop down in PSE, and subsequently closing the application with “Save”, instead of returning the processed image to the PSE editor, everything crashed. PSE closes and the Nik file disappears.
Apple were unapologetic and suggested replacing PSE and Nik ! Not their problem apparently.
So I would like advice on what to do and in what order please. I would prefer not to upgrade PSE if possible, and in any event I would need to be certain that this issue has been addressed in any recommendation. As a patch, would it be possible to redirect the Nik file at “Save” somewhere else, instead of back into the PSE Editor and then manually open it back in PS Elementsas a separate manoeuvre?

Hello Michael,

The main problem is that the google version is not compliant with High Sierra and then you can have crashes.
I advise you to backup your filters and recipes some where, uninstall the google version and try our version from https://nikcollection.dxo.com the last version should fix the crash.