Update on support Lumix G90/95? Or beta available?

Hello DxO,

By any chance, is there updated info on support for the Lumix G90/95. Or perhaps a beta I can participate in?

I’ve asked this before, sorry, and the answer was an update that supports the G90/95 should come at fall. I’m just anxious to know if there is updated information, aproximate dates of availability, or possibly a beta that has the support already built-in?

DxO is my all time favorite editor, and my workflow heavily depends on it. I’ve got the G90 now for over two months and can’t use it’s full potential. My main body of work is done now with the G80, while I use the G90 in jpg shooting mode only since I can’t process the raw files to my content.

I can only process them in RawTherapee, and that has no local corrections, sub-par noise reduction (every NR is inferior to your Prime) and just doesn’t get me the result I’m after.

Your doing an absolute great job DxO! I’m promoting using Photolab on many of my posts online and add it as tag in my collections.

Hoping it will be fall soon!!

kind regards, Frank

Hello Frank,

we plan to release support of that camera, among other cameras, at the end of October.


Thanks Marie,

I’ll bite my tongue till then in anxious anticipation :slight_smile:

kind regards, Frank