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Hello how can I permanently stop version 5 from reporting that an update is available to version 6?
I want to stay with v5 but not get the message every time I start. Can you help me?

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you may check Search results for 'update message from nik' - DxO Forums
and e.g. Does Anyone Know How to Stop The Annoying Update Prompts from NIK collection?


launch one of the nik plugin first, it’s quicker to show the update available window pop-up.
there’s no “check for update” on/off option within nik software, which should be implemented.

Wait 30 days. That’s all you can do.

No, you can get rid of it by hacking the NikCollection.cfg file as shown here:

I did that ages ago and I’ve never been irritated by this prompt again.

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what to use on a Mac?
what ever I was opening it with, never seen any of those coding.

On Windows the file ‘NikCollection.cfg’ is plain text.