Update error message

I am on build 5.2.1 build 62. As far as I know the latest build. Out of interest I clicked today on “Check for update” and got the following pop-up message:

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 15.38.50




I’ve just made the test : same error message.
PhotoLab 5.2.1 (build 62) - macOS 12.3.1


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I get the same error.

Me too.

After an update installed this week. I now can see the OM1 raw files thumbnail’s but no images or Exif data.

I get the same message. Any news from DXO on when it will be fixed?

Have cured the “Update error”. it’s to do with the Mac security features. It seems that all the other updates get installed ok, but the last one got blocked by the security settings. If you go into settings and then Security & Privacy

It will be listed at the bottom of the list.

Hello Philipp,
I have had the same settings as you. But interestingly, as of today the error message is gone without changing anything on my side.