Update detroyed Nik

I formerly had the Nik collection 4 and things were fine. I was asked to update, but everything went to pieces after that. Only 3 of the 10 plugins are operational. Finally gave up after hours of trying.

Good morning @grinch and welcome to the forum!

Have you updated NIK or PhotoLab? Which platform do you work on?

Svetlana G.

The problem started when I was asked to update 4. Please see original post.

@grinch, you mentioned Nik 4 but created this topic in the PhotoLab category. I think this is why Svetlana asked for clarification. Both products are currently at version 4 and are receiving periodic updates.

Please be patient. The more info you can provide about the problem and what went wrong, the easier it will be to help you solve it.

Am I right in guessing you had the original release of Nik Collection 4 and were asked to update to 4.0.8? What happened when you attempted that?

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