Update 7.4.0 b45, mask selectivity not usable anymore

With the last update the local adjustment behavior has changed. Whenever you click on a mask in the list, the local adjustment tool is active and the mask is displayed (either color or black and white, whatever was last selected) in the photo without the need to activate the local adjustment tool manually. When you make changes (e.g. selective tone, etc.) the mask overlay disappears so you can see the effects.

However, the overlay disappears also when you want to make changes to mask selectivity (chroma or luma), same goes for luminance masks, which makes these settings quite useless because I cannot see the effects while changing them. Have you noticed the same behavior?

Edit: M1 iMac running macOS Sonoma 14.3

It’s probably for Mac, on Windows 7.4.0 is build 151.

It works as expected in Windows, both for ‘Control Point’ luma/chroma and ‘Luminance mask’ luma range selections. Tried with Exposure correction. I’m not a LA expert, though.
You still have the option ‘Show masks’, if it is the mask you are interested in, not the actual corrections. That works for Windows too.

[Windows 11 ]

For me, it works “almost” as expected :

  1. When I click on the LA button, the LA icon bar is displayed. Provided no mask icon is already selected, if I click on one mask in the list, the corresponding mask icon is highlighted.

  2. However, this happens only once. If I click on another mask in the list, the corresponding mask icon is not activated. The mask icon of the first mask clicked in the list stay highlighted BUT the mask settings change according to the selected mask.

Point #1 seems to indicate a relationship between the currently selected mask and the mask icon bar. Point #2 indicates the exact opposite.

Yet another UI discussion starting… The way to UI consistency at DxO seems hard to find.

I didn’t watch the mask icon, so I just noticed your point #2.
Let us think positive – at least the right mask is displayed :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot, it’s on macOS, maybe the problem doesn’t occur on Windows.

However, my major problem with this update is not the way masks are selected or activated. Please try the following:

  1. Create a new Controlpoint or -line or select an existing one.
  2. The mask overlay shows in the photo (if “Show masks” or “B&W mask” is selected).
  3. Adjust the mask selectivity. As soon as you click the slider (chroma or luma), the mask overlay disappears. When you release the slider, the overlay appears again. This is new with this update and definitely not right, since you don’t see what you are doing when changing the selectivity, you are just presented with the end result.

Maybe this is a problem with the latest Mac update – if so, consider yourself lucky.

on M1 Max. Yes, same behavior. The real-time chroma/luma changes are missing.

In Windows the mask overlay does NOT disappear, but …

  • the visible mask’s selection is frozen / not updated, while I’m pulling the Chroma/Luma slider. BTW, the same thing happens, when moving the ControlPoint resp. the Control Line picker. To see the new selection I have to release the mouse button … … unusable.

While that behaviour is not new – compared to PL6 (as well Nik6) it’s a clear step backwards.

In my case the slider movement is reflected “live”, both corrections and mask (if ‘Show masks’ is on) are updated, albeit with a small delay.

Same here, the mask stays at the original place until mouse button is released, although the corrections are displayed live, well, almost live. For me it’s more useful, for others maybe not. Sounds like a design choice, satisfying some user requests (?).

Win11, i7, RTX-4070 here.

It simply works in PL6 and before as well in the Nik Collection tools (the older versions as well the very latest one) and is a key feature of U-Point technology.

But as long it’s not fixed for PL7, I’m going with PL6.