Update 6.1.1 Build 86

This update looks good from first look.

WB issues have been resolved and pixelation is much better

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No update here. Still

Not sure when it came out, I’m in England using Windows if that makes any difference

If you are on a Mac I don’t believe you had the same DNG issue as Windows users…


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Ah ok, thx Mark. Didn’t follow this, because I don’t use DNG. Just saw update and checked for myself.

That explains it, thank you. On Mac here.

Lens Sharpness has re-appeared. It wasn’t there previously for me

There still isn’t lens sharpness available for a Canon EOS R file converted to dng using the Adobe DNG converter. DXO told me that it would be corrected in a future update and I was hoping that this was it. Oh well, maybe the next one.

Glad something got fixed for you though.

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