Update 1.1 - And still oversharping?

Version 1.1 is out and still there is no lens sharpness regulator. Do the devs don´t read here or is ignorance the companys philosophy?

Nearly the whole web is unhappy with the oversharpening. If the DXO Module ist disbled, the sharpness in DNG is fine for further development in Lightroom / Photoshop, but then there is no more possibility for lenscorrection in Lightroom, cause the lens profile is not recognized there.

Again: Even PL4 oversharpens the same way if lens sharpness is set to zero. Only if it´s set to -3 the crazy sharpness is gone.

Again: Dear devs please implement a slider to basicly set the lens sharpness.


Hi Eddy,

Version 1.1 was mostly dedicated to bug fixes and a few new improvements in the UI.
The “sharpening” issue that some users has raised is definitely something we want to evaluate.



Eddy - I accept your observation re PureRAW - but your following assertion is incorrect (and may mislead other readers);

That’s just not true, in my experience … the “magic wand” (default) setting works very well in ~99% of occasions.

John M


I agree with the observation from John in regards to PL4. The magic wand (default) settings work and rarely need adjustments for the camera lens/combinations I have/use.

Eddy - maybe you have a specific lens/camera combo where this specific module needs an update. If you want you can provide some raw files where you have that issue so that some forum members can play around with it.


Dear Steven, thx for your feedback. Weeks ago I uploaded to an existing support case number a RAW sample to the DxO Labs Support Team 2.

I don´t think, it´s a technical issue as much as a suboptimal UI. PR outputs jpg and dng with the same ( sharpness ) result, but these two are like black & white. Jpg´s are as a final result ready to use. Dng´s are for further development what forbids every kind of sharpening. Every kind! Nothing, nada, cero, niente. Too much salt in the soup can no longer be removed.

@John-M & Sigi
I use much of the best professional Olympus gear. All profiles are found and set in DXO. The “magic wand” settings are for final results, not for further development in Lightroom.



I would agree that in a pure RAW world no sharpening should be applied. But in some images i prefer the sharpening in PureRaw to what I can achieve in LR. Therefore I would appreciate some control over the sharpening that is applied. I would not like it to be only disabled or always on.


“Therefore I would appreciate some control over the sharpening that is applied. I would not like it to be only disabled or always on.”

I’m glad this is finally getting a response from the DxO staff. I hope they do this, though I’m probably going to spend the extra money to get PL4 with all of the configurability. I don’t use LR, I use RT, which has poor de-noise but excellent sharpening, so for me just being able to shut it off in PureRAW would be fine, but I’m not sure how long the devs will take, or if they will even implement it, and PL4 works right now.

I can understand that they don’t want to make a lower-cost product that has all of the most important RAW development features of PL4, so I don’t expect to see full adjustability of these things, but not being able to at least turn off sharpening is a big show-stopper for many people.

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Hello StevenL! Sorry for writing in this thread about a slightly different, similar problem, but with a decrease in the exposure of the RAW files processed by the program. Exposure is reduced by approximately 0.33 - 0.5 stops at the exit. On the one hand, this is not dangerous, as you can increase the exposure in any editor, but this is not acceptable for JPG files, which should simply be brought to the best quality. The program is very good, important and really necessary! Thank you! Once again, excuse me for not being able to create a separate topic on the forum. I don’t know how to do it yet. Thank you for understanding.

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