Upcoming Webinars

For those people in search of tutorials. Maybe this is interesting for you: https://www.dxo.com/upcoming-webinars/


Thank you, @Asser

Note to fellow Aussies: As in most things (:wink:), we’re ahead of the rest of the world - So, for example, 6pm EST (USA eastern standard time) is 10am next day on the east coast of Australia.

More time conversions available here: Savvy time converter

Regards, John M

EDIT: Very cleverly, when you proceed to register for a specific webinar, you’ll be presented with available time-slots in your local time-zone … Nice !

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Thank you.
Hopefully the recordings will be available for replay soon :nerd_face:


I have just been informed by DxO support that the Webinars will be on their YouTube channel a few days after they have taken place.