Up grade to PL6 Elite or Nik Collection 5 or both?

I struggled with this decision for a while, but today I have decided that I will keep PL5 Elite and Upgrade to Nik Collection 5. My reasoning is simple: PL 6 Elite has some nice new features, but I will not use them on any type of regular basis. Morever, DX0 has not developed an adequate explanation for the use of some of these features, nor have they perfected them to the level necessary that the common user can benefit from them. I have Nik Collection 3 and upgrading to Nik Collection 5 makes sense because, though it may have some issues, most have been addressed, and the new features are those that I would likely use when I decide to use Nik Collection.

Everyone will have a different approach to this issue, and what works for me will not work for others. Finally, I came to a crossroads like this years ago with Lightroom, and determined to leave LIghtroom for Luminar. After going through four versions of Luminar, I decided to look for a different approach. I found DXO and Nik. Those programs helped me grow as a photo editor, but after a while I saw the same kind of model that Luminar developed (slow upgrades, few features added and those that were may not work or work correctly when released, etc.). Now I am contemplating moving back to Adobe Lightroom and using DXO and Nik as plugins.

I think we should start or several threads concerning what is good about DXO and Nik. Our forum is filled with complaints and frankly, it makes a reasonable person wonder why use a program with all of these problems and workaround? Why continue with a program where support is not as resonsive as they should be.

What you say may be true, but I personally stick with DxO because IMO DxO products simply produce excellent results. Also I don’t mind workarounds and I don’t run into many problems that I can’t solve myself, not nearly as many as the complaints on this forum would indicate.

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You can always try Nik Collection 5 before you buy. The changes between Nik versions 3 and 5 are substantial imo, therefore I recommend to test Nik5 thoroughly.

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Every forum is filled with complaints, especially when a new product releases. It helps to know what hurdles one might expect and how to overcome them, but yes, DxO needs time to respond to support requests and develop its documentation. Customers are confused and are confusing each other about some pretty technical concerns, while those without complaints don’t have time to respond to all that and just get on with enjoying the software. PL6 will be a mature product soon enough. In fact, I think it’s quite usable right now. But it will be better in a few months.

As for Nik, I’m waiting for HDR Efex Pro to get the updates that some other Efex Pro apps have already received. The old thing keeps breaking down on me. :upside_down_face: