Unsupported file error when opening Topaz TIF files in DXO apps

Greg, this non reading of .tiff files within DxO PhotoLab only occurs after using Topaz Sharpen AI to process camera-specific .nef files (which according to Topaz is supported). Tiff files direct from the camera processed using Topaz Sharpen AI read ok, and can be viewed as normal. Yes, the workaround for this is to open the .tiff file that can’t be read by DxO PhotoLab in an alternative image editor, in my case Affinity Photo/PaintShopPro, re-save the file, then re-load the same .tiff into DxO PhotoLab. The file can now be viewed as expected. Unfortunately .tiff handling code and the possibility of DxO updating it is a subject that I’m not qualified to comment on. You asked: “How big is that file?” 59MB.

59 MB is rather small for a TIFF, so size doesn’t seem to be the issue. The problem is likely in the metadata or file structure. My understanding is that standards for TIFF are rather loose, so some incompatibilities like this occur from time to time. But I treat such problems as bugs and think it’s worth reporting them to Topaz as well as DxO.

I export RAW files as TIFF from both the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6 to Topaz Denoise from DxO PL 4 Elite. While the R5 TIFF files returned to Dx0 PL4 don’t open and produce the error the R6 TIFF files open just fine in DxO PL4. I have no idea why.

I just tried to resize the R5 file that is exported to DeNoise to 50% of the original size. Guess what, now the TIFF returned from DeNoise opens in DxO PL. So for me it seems to be a size issue.


I’ve opened a bug to look into it.



I faced this same problem but this time with a CS6 tif with or without layers, with or without compression, with or without any retouch with PL5 tools. PL5 does not want to export it and raised a “Cannot save image” with red “!”. I can open it, adjust everything but the export fails. Sometime it can happen with some raw and generaly I can get resolved it by closing and reopening PL5 but here It does not work.


Hi Marie, Nef Files from Nikon D6 loissles compressed & not in 14bit are not read, jpeg files are…unsupported format and my dxo is up to date…Could you provide a solution…?