Unsharp Mask: Rename 'Edge Offset' 'Corner Offset'

In Unsharp Mask, the slider named Edge Offset is unintuitive. As it’s used to compensate for Lens corner softness (see https://www.dxo.com/project/enhance-the-sharpness-of-your-camera-with-dxo-opticspro/ for a good illustration), I’d suggest it either be renamed to something that better describes what it is - and I’d also suggest some explanatory text linked to a question mark next to it.

Here’s the problem: if a user is looking at Unsharp Mask, the edges they are thinking of are the ones being sharpened - not the edges of the image.

And kudos to whoever came up with the idea! In PS it would take layers plus a radial gradient mask (i.e. a PITA).

Great detailed observations Bob. Fabulous that it’s just language changes this time to make a tool much easier to understand and use.

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This is the generic name of the feature on all photos editing programs.
it concerns the edges of the non cropped photo.

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The issue is that, when edge sharpening, a user is not thinking of photo outer-border edges.
BTW, by “all photos editing programs”, which ones do you mean? I’m pretty sure it’s not in PS CS6. I have done similar in PS by creating a layer, sharpening that layer, then applying a radial gradient mask. Not having to do that is IMO pretty cool. If you’re the one who came up with this - you’re a hero!
If this feature is not in your competitors PL has another feature to trumpet.

If you don’t decide to change the name, please add a ‘?’ with a linked paragraph explaining that this compensates for lens corner softness. I’d be glad to put the text together (in English - my French probably isn’t good enough).