Unsharp Mask and Custom Palettes in PL4

I have a camera that has a PL module but a lens which isn’t supported with that camera, but which is on the native brand camera. The camera and lens are both L-Mount. As a consequence, I have to resort to the Unsharp Mask for sharpening. The Unsharp Mask has been disabled as a default, but I can’t seem to change from the default. I can only open it from the DXO Advanced Palette, but the Advanced Palette is only available under “View>Workspaces>DXO Advanced,” not under “Palettes” from the top bar. I tried creating a custom palette, which allowed me to select the Unsharp Mask and Lens Sharpness for the new palette. I can grab and move the palette, but when I try to “dock to the right,” it disappears and can’t be found and reopened. It shows up on the palette menus, but even when checked it doesn’t appear anywhere and I can’t open it. Where does the new palette go, how can I reopen it, or how can I change the default to show the Unsharp Mask, preferably together with the Lens Sharpness tools (since I have lenses that are natively supported on my camera?

Which version of Photolab 4 are you using, Elite or Essential?


I’m using the Elite version.

What do you mean by DXO Advanced Palette? Do you mean the Advanced workspace? Even using the DXO Standard workspace you can still open all the palettes from the palette menu, or you can build your own custom workspace. Not sure what you mean about a palette disappearing. Perhaps your are not dragging them correctly. . If you select a palette in the menu with a check mark it definitely should be immediately visible, most likely on the right side of the screen…

Mark .

I have purchased and installed PL4 v. 4.0.0. build 42 Elite, Mac OS Mojave. I have the same problem. I like the buttons at the top which allow be to move quickly between various stages of post-processing, but if using the buttons does allow be to access all the features for each to those stages, what is the point? Please make all features available under each of the buttons, and allow me to remove the ones I don’t want. Thank you.

Perhaps I’m confusing the terms here. I meant the DXO Advanced workspace. I can create a new palette under the dropdown. After I create it, I can drag it around, and it will dock to the left when I select from the new palette’s dropdown list. However, if I select , it vanishes and the new palette doesn’t show up anywhere on the right. If I look under , I can check and uncheck the new palette by name, but it doesn’t appear anywhere at that point, including on the left dock, except on the Palette list. I can’t find anyway to recall that palette to use it without creating another one. The end result I’m trying to achieve is that I’d like the Unsharp Mask to appear together with the Lens Sharpness tools in the workspace on the right, preferably under the new “Detail” button for quicker and consistent access to those tools regardless which lens I’m using.


Hello @cmcgill,

And welcome to the forum! First of all can you, please, tell me what platform you are working on Mac or Win?

Svetlana G.

Are you creating a new custom workspace, or updating an existing custom workspace, after you create and place the new palette?


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I’m on a MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.15.6.

Trying to create a new custom workspace.

I’m testing PL4 on MacOS and I have the same problem with missing tools in new categories buttons. For instance I can’t find UnSharp mask, which I expect in category “Detail”. Without that it’s quite useless to use new categories buttons, even I like this new feature and I would like to use it.