Unreadable files following a search in pl5

I am finding that when I search by camera type (great new feature of pl5) I get a lot of files with “?” Which appear to have no file, are unreadable and cannot be deleted. When I search my Mac directory I can find perfectly readable files. I have re- indexed the folder but this does not appear to have solved the problem. Any thoughts?

Sounds like old entries in your PhotoLab database - which happens when files and folders are moved elsewhere using methods outside of PhotoLab and PL isn’t able to synchronize its data. You can make a backup copy of your PL5 database and delete the database to see if the problem goes away.

Thanks for that. Further investigation has revealed files in pl which originate from a card which should never have been in the database. I am using a Mac which mayor may not make a difference. I am tempted to just abandon the search routine altogether which would be a pity as it is potentially useful but it is currently causing more problems than it is solving. I will however follow your suggestion first and see if I can rebuild the database from scratch.