Unknown Processing Error


Just see that DXO PhotoLab4 is launched, thus I download the free triad to test. Unfortunately, I have had some photos were not able to export by DeepPrime, it shows unknown processing error, but when I switch back to Prime mode for those photos, it works fine!

I am using Windows 10, my Display Card is aging model Nvidia GTX-670, and i also updated the driver to the latest version. 457.09 But the problem still persists.

Any minimal hardware requirement for Display Card?

Hello @fredee and welcome to the forum!

Let me ask @Lucas to have a look at the problem.

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Svetlana G.

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I also get this on my laptop. I know its getting on, but it’s an intel i7-4900 2.80 with a GeForce GT750 M with 2Gb memory. Its setup to run on the Intell graphics so the GeForce isn’t being used. Under preferences this comes up with a * but just get the error when trying to process Primplus. Last charistmas my son used the laptop, forgot his!. He had a data processing program that he tells me used the GPU. I have ensured the latist makers drivers, not just MS ones are installed.Clearly PL4 is using it differently given the refusal to process but is there no way of using such GPU’s as many of us are not in any position to replace hardware that’s more than adequate for everything else in PL4?

I just have more idea now, when my photos were taken by Lumix GX7, it could exported with DeepPrime. But if it was taken by GH2, so far all photos were unsuccessful to export.

Nevertheless, to make the DeepPrime works, I also need disable my GPU and OpenGL, only use the CPU to process the photos.

Hello @fredee,

It is quite likely that GTX 670 is not powerful enough for running DeepPRIME. I’d expect that it is not used by PhotoLab unless you force it in Preferences > Advanced > DeepPRIME acceleration.

You may want to send us your PhotoLab logs (in a private message) after reproducing again the issue, so that we can check if it’s just because your GPU is too slow. These logs are in %HOMEPATH%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs.

Regarding why DeepPRIME on GPU fails with hardware that is too slow: there’s a time limit for processing chunks of the RAW image. During that time, your display may be frozen. So when reaching this time limit, the GPU is restarted by Windows and processing fails. This is caused by Windows Timeout detection and rectory. Recommended GPUs are the one that’ll always be fast enough to never reach this timeout.


Your suggestion is very useful, after I upgrading the display card from GTX-670 to GTX-1060 3GB edition, it has fixed the issue for those photos were taken by Panasonic Lumix GX7.

However, for photos were taken by Lumix GH2 (8 years ago) which still can’t convert from DeepPrime… Any idea or suggestion for it?

BTW, just want to share that GTX 670 is not powerful enough for running DeepPRIME. Even I force the settings of PhotoLab in Preferences > Advanced > DeepPRIME acceleration, the export also showing “Unknown Processing Error”

There is an issue specific to GH2. Next PL update will fix it.