Unknown Error

Since updating I am getting an error for most of my jpegs: “This file cannot be processed because of an unknown error. It may be corrupted or an in unknown format.” The files are in jpeg and not corrupted. I can open them in other software on my iMac but not DxO PL4 4.3.2 build 61
Please advise - thanks

Can you post one of those files here for others to try?

First of all thanks your reply.
DxO PL4 will not let me export the photo(s) concerned.
However, if I make a copy in my iMac Finder, DxO will then import it ok with no error.
So my workaround (should not be necessary) is to make copies of the relevant photo(s), which DxO then imports automatically with no problem.
All very strange :thinking:

I once ran into a similar issue. The issue is not with Photolab but with the file in the finder. I’m still not sure what was occasionally corrupting my files when copying to the hard drive for a period of a couple of months but the problem went away and did not come back. It might be an issue with an ingester including Apple’s own Image Capture. These days I always copy from card to computer via the Finder as every ingester I used made me more nervous about file integrity rather than calmer. I manually check a number of images before I consider erasing a CF/XQD/SD card.

Thanks your helpful reply
Yes it seems as if it is the same problem.
I reformatted the card in camera and do not ‘yet’ have the problem again - fingers crossed :thinking:

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