Hello, An interesting option would be a clean uninstaller for later versions, this would allow this to be done by hands. Thank you in advance.

Hi @le.tof ,
good idea because it’s a nightmare (but also in other software products) to clean the OS from all entrys in registry, and filesystem.
You’ve got my vote. Please give your request your own vote also


I always use Revo Unistaller:

when I want to remove software.


I have Revo on one of my laptops and used it for years. Since they went over to the subscription model I don’t expect I will keep it going when renewal is due.

I have found things it wanted to uninstall, after its fallow up scan that, should not be uninstalled.

Not all users speed a lot of time checking it and it’s a known problem, enough that some PC suppliers say they will not provide full support if it and other programs like it are used. My view if programs should at least give the option to remove the entire install.

Most users of programs like PL use them for a reason, with PL to process photos, not as computer experts who happen to take photos and enjoy the post uninstall hunt for left over bits. It and other programs like it are used for a purpose not as part of computer DIY.

Added my vote too. I recently uninstalled On1 from my Windows PC (as I’ve migrated entirely to Nik as my effects suite) and the On1 uninstaller did a great job of cleaning my system.

Hello, I don’t like to clutter up the system with small applications. And then, many photo software and the like, it would therefore be logical that a software of the level of DxO PhotoLab integrates this function.

Since they went over to the subscription model I don’t expect I will keep it going when renewal is due.

They still have a free version, the link I gave previously is too the free version It’s the only version I’ve ever used. It has been more than adequate for my purposes.


Good they haven’t gone the locking use when sub runs out then.

Don’t put too much expectation on this feature request. First reason that comes to my mind is that if the uninstaller was to clean the system completely of any leftover, anyone would be able to try the software forever.