Uninstallation of PL6 deletes also all optical modules for PL7

Today I decided to uninstall PL6 as PL7 runs like it should finally. After the removal, I started PL7 and noticed all optical modules were also removed.

  1. fix that bug
  2. which folder has to be restored from TimMachine to get the optical modules back without opening a RAW file for each possible combination?

MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1; PL also with all available updates installed

Normally each major version are independent between them, the folder of the modules are different.
Maybe the Mac version manages it differently ?

as far as I understood with a minor version of PL6 DxO implemented shared optical modules. So, all DxO products were able to use them without loading them multiple times (for each product separately).

If there is no shared optical modules mechanism, this bug is even worse.

DxO modules are located in the user account’s library folder.

Users → @avalon → Library → DxO PhotoLab v7 → Modules
Users → @avalon → Library → DxO PhotoLab v6 → Modules

You can search for the respective folder on your time machine drive. Open the found item with a “real” icon (“Install macOS Users” is the name of my time machine drive)

BTW, each of the DxO apps has its own folder of modules. This can be a blessing and a curse, but we’re not getting into that here.

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Thanks, @platypus. I have them back.

But, why is the uninstall routine of PL6 deleting files (or maybe even the whole PL7 directory) from the PL7 folder?

PhotoLab (Mac) has no uninstall routine that I know of.

To remove PhotoLab, you simply drag its app icon to the trash. Removing leftovers is purely manual … so you might have deleted the modules yourself?

Using an uninstaller app can have unwanted sideffects.

hmmm. So, why did I have that little uninstall.app? I assumed it came with the installer in the original DMG like it (still?) is in the VP3 dmg (just checked) and the also with Nik Plugins.DMG.
As I don’t have a PL6 DMG anymore, I can’t double-check

Haven’t seen an uninstaller for any version of PhotoLab for Mac yet. Maybe DxO is experimenting with an uninstaller and you got it by chance? Nevermind, if your problem is solved, the thread can be left, if the problem persists, better address it to support.dxo.com.

I don’t think I’ve seen any Uninstall app for PL on macOS.
Nik Collection have an uninstaller, I believe.

nik always had the uninstaller.

for the optic module, i did some check since PL7 and even if i already installed a module, when looking at saying 70-200mm 2.8 E, it seem it’s not installed and i have to click on it again, doing so next week will result in the same thing, it’s been PL7 thing that seem no optic module are installed but if i upload a picture taken with that lens, it’s there.

What tells you that the module seems missing?

very easy: PL7 itself

I noticed the issue when starting to edit a raw from my main camera with my standard lens attached and PL7 asks me if I want to install the module. Then I checked under “Optical Modules” “show only installed modules” and saw an empty overview.

because it doesn’t say “installed” and once i click “download” and it does. maybe just a bug in the matrix.

the folder on the disk was also empty. But, I checked here only after having experienced the lack of installed modules inside PL7 itself.

out of the blue, there was a thread regarding the where about files were on Mac and Windows, maybe that need to be updated but i can’t find it.

These are the paths for PL7 on macOS

Crash files: `/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/DXOPhotoLab7_*`
Config files: `~/Library/Preferences/com.dxo.PhotoLab7.plist`
Workspace files: `~/Library/Application Support/DxO PhotoLab v7/Workspaces/`
CurrentWorkspace: `~/Library/Preferences/com.dxo.photolab7.workspace.plist`
Presets: `~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v7/Presets/`
Modules: `~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v7/Modules/`
WatermarkPresets: `~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v7/WatermarkPresets`
OutputSettings: `~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v7/OutputSettings.plist`
Cache files: `~/Library/Caches/com.dxo.PhotoLab7`
Database: `~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v7/DOPDatabaseV7.dopdata*`
LaunchAgents plist: `~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.dxo.PhotoLab7LaunchAgent.plist`
LaunchAgents: `~/Library/Application Support/DxO Labs/LaunchAgents/photoLab7LaunchAgent`
Licences: `/Library/Application Support/DxO Labs/Licenses/`
DxOUserID: `~/Library/Application Support/DxO Labs`

In these paths, ~/Library is usually hidden, so you can get to it in the Finder with the Go > Go to Folder menu option, or by opening the ‘Go’ menu while pressing Alt, which would show ~/Library in the list.