Undo status change - MacOs - Photolab 5


Several times I clicked by mistake a change of status (X for instance on mac) and wanted to undo it easily. It did not appear possible.

I was still ok with it. But today, after finishing a really large selection of thousands of pictures by changing the status of the image. I opened the app again and all the pictures were selected (I usually ctrl+A and open in DXO) and clicked on X to change the status of the first image… but I only realized later that all the pictures were selected…

I am just considering coming back to lightroom at this point. I don’t understand how there is no way to undo an action like changing the status and losing all my sorting work for a stupid mistake like this.

Please, is it possible to “fix” this and be able to undo status change ? I am on MacOs and DXO Photolab 5.

Thank you very much

Welcome to the users forum. I’m not sure about MacOS but on windows <ctrl+z> performs that function. Did you try that?

Of course ^^ (I think Mac Os and Windows app are quite different on several aspects)

I just checked and, indeed, anything that is not an image edit does not appear to get put on the Undo stack.

Status, Rating, Keywords are all ignored. This really needs flagging, almost as a bug.

Oh, and @Nicolas, if you really believe in your own request, please vote for it.

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Thank you for the support !

Another set of undoable items is
image orientation (rotate left or right by 90 degrees) and flipping.

Lightroom Classic version 13 can undo orientation changes and flips, but they are not listed in the protocol, which means that they stop to be undoable in case of a LrC restart. This also means that orientation changes and flips will not be undone when an image is reset.

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