Unconstrained crop as default?

Is it a way I can set Crop as unconstrained as default?
As I do not ever need to constrain the crop to the format from the camera it would be nice if unconstrained could be set as default.

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Yes. Make a preset with your favorite settings(including “Crop: Unconstrained” ) and set it as your default preset.


Hi there,
Why don’t you just use the dedicated modifier key?

  1. Open the crop tool
  2. Start cropping your image while pressing “shift” on Mac, or “Ctrl” on Windows…
  3. This will trigger the “unconstrained crop”.

Let me know if it worked for you.

No, that does not work for me. Pressing the Control key, or shift or alt does nothing. I did make a new preset, with default to unconstrained. That worked just fine.

Hi Torstein - - Which environment are you working with; Mac or Win ?

I ask because, on my Win10 system, Steven’s suggestion works perfectly - enabling the “best of both worlds” … in that I have “Preserve Aspect Ration” as my default option - with automatic switch to “Unconstrained” as soon as I hold down the Ctrl-key (whilst moving the crop handles).

John M

It works… I just did not try to move the handles as the field did not change and still read “Original”

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