Unconditional advance/rewind in filmstrip

As of DPL 4.1.2 on Mac, the keyboard shortcut for going to the next or previous image are the respective arrow keys. They work, but not in every case: If focus is on a field that allows entries, the arrow keys move the cursor position within that entry field.

Please add a keyboard shortcut that selects the next or previous image unconditionally, no matter where the focus lies within DPL. Most other apps I use do this with command-arrow.

I absolutely support this! I have exactly the same problem.
We need MORE shortcuts. Shortcuts that really work.

One place this happens is if I selected and applied a preset. I use presets for things like “Vignette -5” which make a single setting change to preset values that I like. These are often applied last and I’m ready to move on to the next image but have to click in somewhere else, usually dead space around the photo, before I can advance.