Uncheck all/Check all option in the Preset Editor

There have been discussions about creating a Preset with only a single setting saved. Currently, unless I am mistaken, we have to create a new preset with the desired setting and then edit that preset by manually unchecking each unwanted setting individually. This means that if the user wants to create a preset to add a creative preset then about 35 individual boxes need to be unchecked by clicking on each one. The option to either uncheck all/check all with a single click would be wonderful.

Sorry if this has already been requested, I did a search for it and didn’t see a previous request…or maybe I just missed it due to faulty search skills on my part.

@bconner, vote for your request…

ooops…thanks for reminding me.

An old macOS shortcut was once to hold Option pressed and click a box.
If unchecked - all got enabled.
If checked - all got disabled.

Would be nice to see that kind of function implemented.

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That was or is possible on Windows, but I suspect it might be dependent on the program itself. But that is only a suspicion and not based on any actual knowledge of computer programs or operating systems. At any rate, this would be wonderful if it were possible in PL