Unable to process DeepPrime with GeForce GT750 M

I raised this in another post but we haven’t had any guidance there.

When using my laptop for DeepPrime I get also get “unknown processing error”.
I know the laptop its getting on it’s an intel i7-4900 2.80 but with a GeForce GT750 M with 2Gb memory. Its setup to run on the Intel graphics so the GeForce isn’t being used. Under preferences this comes up with a * but there is no instability or anything other than a processing failure using DeepPrim.
I know some programs will use the GPU as last Christmas my son used the laptop, forgot his!. He had a data processing program that he tells me used the GPU.
I have ensured the latest makers drivers, not just MS ones are installed. Clearly PL4 may be using it differently given the refusal to process but is there no way of using such GPU’s as many of us are not in any position to replace hardware that’s more than adequate for everything else in PL4?

Hello @John7,

There is no need to create duplicated issues. The only person who can give the reply to this question is Lucas and I already tagged him there.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

P.S. Closed as a duplicate.