Unable to open DxO

When I click on the icon or go to Finder and click of DxO, I continually receive a "not responding notice in the force quit window.
I have an old computer, but still have space and have used DxO several times in the last few weeks. I don’t understand why it will no open now. The only other application I have open is Lightroom and Chrome.
What can I do do find out why it will not open?

Have you tried rebooting your computer to see if that resolves your issue?


I had an issue recently with a test picture file in the folder that DxO opens at start. It made DxO crash. After I realized that I cleaned the folder and everything was fine.

If this doesn’t help and a reboot neither you may try to move the folder with database, presets etc. to another location and start with a fresh setup. Then you can import your settings again from that moved folder.