Unable to install Nik Collection as Lightroom plugin - 15 weeks & no resolution

At last! I’ve now been contacted by support to offer a remote access session to get this resolved. They suspect that there may be remnants of an old Nik Collection installation preventing the plugins. It only took 41 email exchanges over nearly 4 months . Thank you to @Cecile-C , @Wolfgang, platypus, rrblint and others who chipped in here :pray:. Let’s hope the remote session resolves the issue :crossed_fingers:; I’ll report back here


@Cecile-C absolutely great response! Now ,that is true support. .Please keep up the great work!


Congratulations, Gary! I’m very happy that your frustrations have been heard and that you’ve received an apology and commitment for support. It seems things are on the right track for you. Best wishes!

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It seems my optimism may be misplaced. After 11 days I still have not had confirmation of a date from support to carry out a remote access session to try to resolve the issue. After 20 weeks (4 months) I’m still unable to use my Nik Collection.

…the way you did before and like to do too, that is.
You can always use Nik as standalone apps, but not getting any help from support is a major lack of service quality.

@Cecile-C - any news for the unhappy customer? Can you push someone to finally find a timeslot with @popsarmchair for that remote access session?

And I mean timeslot, not timesloth :wink:

Hello, Gary was offered 2 different sessions either Monday 15th or Wednesday 17th, things are on the right track. Best regards

“was” offered or “is” offered?


Thank you, @Cecile-C

As for future developments: I like that e.g. PhotoLab can install Lightroom plugins at any given moment, e.g. if one has opted out of installing Lr plugins during the initial installation.

Seeing recurring posts about issues with plugins and occasionally having them myself, I propose to consider the following, not only for Nik, but also for the DxO apps:

  • plugins could be installed (or verified and corrected) e.g. from a menu item.
  • In the case of Nik apps, this would be done by entries of the apps, preferably with a list of Nik apps to be installed/verified/corrected.

@platypus Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Your suggestion for the ability to install the plugins at any given moment, even after the initial installation, is duly noted. We constantly strive to enhance our services based on user input, and your suggestion will be considered for future developments.

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