Unable to Export from Lightroom 7.5 to Updated DxO PhotoLab

I’m still getting an error when trying to export photos from Lightroom to DxO PhotoLab. I checked the paths from the original issue, and the update to DxO PhotoLab did not fix the problem. I re-installed DxO PhotoLab completely and the problem persists.

Hello @Johfrie,

Could you, please, open Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and let me know which version is displayed for the app and plugin:

or provide me with such a screenshot.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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Version 1.0.44

Okay, thank you. We will investigate.
Btw, @Johfrie do you agree for the TeamViewer session is necessary?

Svetlana G.

Yes I would be able to do that.

Thank you. I will let you know if it’s necessary.

As a workaround, could you, please try the following:

  1. Uninstall the PL Lightroom plugin from Control panel (PL is still installed).
  2. Run PL and try to export to LR.
  3. You will be suggested to install the LR plugin.
  4. Install it and try to export from LR to PhotoLab.

Svetlana G.