Unable to delete in 6.9 Windows

I haven’t had to delete images for a time in PL but find now in 6.9 delete is greyed out and the keyboarded isn’t able to delete using shit and del. Is this one of the known bugs in 6.9?

A reinstall didn’t sort it but deleting the database did. Something corrupted it, good thing I don’t use anything relying on the data base as without any tools to repair it I would have lost everything!

Also my post was submitted to moderators before being posted. Is this general now?

to delete – no problem here


Photolab uses a SQLite database. There are a lot of tools allowing to access, edit and repair such a database. I use SQLite Expert Personal Edition. It’s very good and free. As the DPL database is much simpler (I almost said simplistic :wink:) than the Lightroom’s one (which is also SQLite), it’s rather easy to reverse engineer and manipulate it if you have some SQL knowledge.

Thanks. It’s a pity they never, though promised at one time, added data base maintenance tools. Not being too confident in using other add on programs I would be less than keen to do so. Users’ shouldn’t have to resort to other programs to maintain /repair a component part of PL. My DAM has database tools which worked well the only time I had a problem with it, the sort of thing PL needs!

I used SQLite Expert multiple times to do some cleanup or to fix bugs in the Lightroom database. Never had a problem. This tool is very reliable. Actually, I guess that both DPL and SQLite Expert are using the same base code libraries from SQLite to do their job. Just the interface (or the lack of it) changes. Ditto for Lightroom.

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