Unable to activate my updated and installed Nik 5 Collection

After updating and installing Nik 5 collection, I enter my activation key and a pop up asks me for a Photoshop 2023 password. It will not accept my adobe password. This has never happened before. Please advise. Thanks

Hi, Nancy. I took the liberty of moving your request to the correct section of the forum for the Nik Collection. The request can be seen by all users on the forum regardless of where it was posted, so hopefully someone who knows the answer will respond. But I suggest you go to support.dxo.com and create a new technical support request to get help directly from DxO support. The help you get here in the forum comes mainly from other customers (though some of DxO’s staff do participate here when they have time).

Hi Nansee and welcome,

I suspect that your problem has more to do with Photoshop than with NIK. I would contact Adobe to see why your password is not being accepted. Please let us know how you get on.

Please post a screenshot of the dialog. This can help to locate the source of the issue.