Unable to access Nik Collection from within Photolab 2 Elite

Today, I bought the Nik Collection 2 together with the Photolab 2 Elite upgrade. Previously, I’d been running a trial of Elite together with the free Google edition of the Nik Collection. With that setup, clicking the “Nik Collection” next to “Export to disk” brought up the Nik Collection.

Now, after installing Nik Collection 2, clicking on “Nik Collection” only brings up a “Plugin Selector” dialogue, through which I can choose some export settings. But it doesn’t create a tiff and open the tiff in Nik Collection 2.

Should I reinstall Nik Collection 2? (Before installing, I successfully activated the program by entering the code.) Should I reinstall Photolab 2? (Before installing Nik Collection 2, I successfully entered my Elite upgrade code in PhotoLab. Consequently,i did not reinstall PhotoLab 2 Essential after installing Nik Collection.)


There is no need to install PhotoLab Essential if you have a licensed version of Elite. I would suggest uninstalling the Nik Collection and reinstalling it. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to try something else.


  • Excellent suggestion! I’m pretty sure after the reinstallation it will be fine. Just a remark - please, close PL2 before NIK reinstallation.

Svetlana G.

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In fact, I can’t export a RAW to Tiff.
With a JPEG photo, I can export and NIK collection is available.
Any idea ?

I have the same problem… Uninstall and install does nothing.
“Nik Collection” is greyed, and I cannot on export to application…