UI/UX Improvements


Checking DPL7 (latest), I found two things that DxO could fix.

Orthographic correction: Close the bracket at the end of the text shown below:

Intro of a new concept: What the heck is a “master image”? I get no sensible search results from the manual. Also, and as a user, I’d like to know exactly in which case the .dop file is ignored. Starting with a clean slate, all images are “master” images imo and that means that .dop files (e.g. from previous versions of DPL) will be ignored always and forever, except for virtual copies?
Please make the text stringent or add to the manual. TIA


Also correct the word “corret” in the first line of that.

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Honestly, I never really understood …

but kept it off to prevent PL from changing the creation date for my JPEGs, taken with the raw-file.

( note – I don’t care for keywords )